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Fri. Jan 26th 2018
With the recent move of the Forest Hills Borough Building our address has changed. Please send all mail to the following address:2067 Ardmore BlvdPittsburgh, PA 15221
Fri. Dec 16th 2016
The Forest Hills Volunteer Fire Department, offers the following tips to prepare for the extreme cold:Make certain that you have an emergency kit which includes enough food, water, medicine and other ...
Mon. May 9th 2016
Help support your local Volunteer Fire Department by purchasing a raffle ticket!The ticket is $10 and gives you TWO chances to win based off of the Pennsylvannia lottery on July 4th from the 7pm Daily...
Sat. May 9th 2015
The FHVFD has completed two thirds of a lighting upgrade to our station. The FHVFD received GRANT dollars and underwent a major transition from four and eight foot T-12, fluorescent lighting to LED li...
Wed. Feb 25th 2015
The Forest Hills VFD is saddened to hear of Forest Hills Mayor Marty B. O’Malley's passing on Monday, Feb. 23. He was a devote member of the Forest Hills Community and will surely be missed....


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